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My daughter bought me a spiralizer recently.

After a quick and simple assembly, I decided to try it out on zucchini. I wanted to make those famous “zoodles” everyone is talking about.

The spiralizer came with three different blades. I opted for the spaghetti cut. The first problem I encountered was that the suction cup designed to hold the spiralizer in place would not adhere to my granite counter top. I had to hold it in place while trying to turn the handle. A little annoying, but I was able to make it work.

The actual cutting (or turning) process is very fast. It makes a zucchini into noodles in less than a minute. The fun part was discovering that if you are careful, you can make one incredibly long zoodle.

Here is a comparison of how much zoodle you get from one vs. two small zucchini (the only size carried in grocery stores in my area).

I had researched what was the best way to cook the zoodles. I decided to try the most recommended method, which was to dry them in the oven.

As you can see, the drying process resulted in varying sizes, as well as differences in “doneness.” I served the zoodles with hot marinara. The texture was that of regular spaghetti which had been cooked FAR TOO LONG. Totally mushy!!!

I changed the blade to the fettucine cut, which yields a thicker zoodle. You still get varying sizes, but the overall zoodles looked better.

This time, I poured the marinara directly on the raw zoodles. The result was far superior. I usually say that I don’t like zucchini- raw or cooked, but this was actually really yummy.

Now came the question- what to do with the scraps. After cutting the zoodles, you are left with a core and a small round from the base of the zucchini.

I cut these scraps up and served them with the hot marinara.

The result was not nearly as enjoyable as the fettucine cut. The texture was too dense, and the zucchini taste overpowered the sauce. Conclusion-save the scraps for the soup pot.

I have a disclaimer- raw zucchini does NOT freeze well. It comes out looking slimy, and definitely does not retain any texture. Yuck!

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